What I’m All About

I turned 45 in March, 2011. It prompted more introspection than I anticipated. Feeling increasingly grumpy about the state of the world and my personal state, I decided to embark on a major self-improvement project.

My goal is to address three significant issues – my health, wealth, and happiness – by the time I turn 50 in 2016. This blog will document the process and provide a rant/rave forum for whatever tickles my fancy or irritates me along the way.

So…I invite you to join me on my personal journey towards major and permanent weight loss, enhanced long-term financial security, and an improved disposition. Feel free to post comments. Ask questions. Share resources.

Beware! In addition to wit and wisdom, posts may include heavy sarcasm and will venture into political minefields. I’m not out to convert or offend anyone, but as the song says – I gotta be me. 😉


1 Response to What I’m All About

  1. huntressmaxinethompson says:

    hey barbara! growth and maturity are a bitch, aren’t they? but i see where it’s vital to enter the 2nd half of our lives with clear heads so that we may enjoy it more and with good health. wasn’t it twain who said youth is wasted on the young.

    good luck in your journey. some abandon ship because it’s easier to go back to the familiar. but i’m an adventurer, so away we go!

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