Year One and All Is Well

It has been far too long since I last posted.  I apologize for leaving you hanging.  Mea culpa.

The good news is…while my commitment to blogging temporarily failed me, my commitment to my “let’s get healthy” goal remained strong.

So, Let’s Catch Up!

Happy Anniversary to a Healthier Me!

I just completed year one of my five-year journey to better health.  And what a year it was!

My first Lahey Medical Weight Loss Center appointment was on June 17, 2011.  My “anniversary” visit (the 24th appt.) was last Thursday.  I weighed in with total loss for the year of 132.5 pounds.

That’s much more than I expected for year one, but there’s still a long road ahead of me.

That’s okay.  I’m in it for the long haul.  I figure, it took me years and years and years to put all this damn weight on, so it’s only fitting that it will take several years to get rid of it.  Plus, I’m less concerned about speed than I am about developing lifelong healthy habits.

Frankly, if speed was the issue, bariatric or lap-band surgery is faster; it would certainly help me drop pounds quickly.  However, my fat-indulging habits would still be alive and kicking.

(Well, it’s unlikely there’d be actual kicking involved, cuz that involves exercise…but you get the gist.)

Point is, surgery wouldn’t change my lazy attitude or convert me from an award-winning couch potato into a fitness nut.

Yes, I, I took the road less traveled.

Okay, so maybe my reasoning wasn’t poetic, but it was practical.  I decided it made more sense for me learn how to eat less and exercise.

I’d say exercise more, but that would imply I exercised before this initiative started – definitely not the case.  Not at all the case.

I needed to learn healthy new habits.  That’s what I’ve been doing over the past year.

But, It Aint all Been Rainbows and Unicorns, My Friends.

It’s incredibly challenging to change decades-old habits.  It isn’t exactly easy for a woman in her mid-40s to make significant behavioral changes (the “old dog…new tricks” adage comes immediately to mind).  However, making small, incremental lifestyle changes worked for me.

I eat more lean white protein than I ever thought possible.  Avoid empty calories and carbs that don’t offer a good fiber value.  And I even started exercising.

Yes, I said EXERCISING.  Can you believe it?

I’m still surprised every time I successfully haul my butt out of bed and into shorts and a t-shirt to workout.  No instant gratification, that’s for sure.

Instant pain and sore muscles, sure.  Immediate improved fitness, not so much.  Fortunately, persistence pays off.

Beginning in February, I slowly, but surely, increased my amount of activity.  Currently, I do approximately 40 minutes of low impact aerobics five days a week.  I’ll talk more about my exercise evolution  in a future post, so won’t expand on it any more here except to say – I’m pretty much on auto-pilot with it now.

Perhaps I’m still sort of asleep when I start.  That would make sense.  Is it possible to sleep AND do the grapevine step?  I’m thinkin’ – YES!

So, here I am, slightly more than halfway to my official weight loss goal.  I’m eating better, exercising, and feeling confident of my eventual success.

132.5 pounds.  Not bad.  But not enough!

Stay Tuned!

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About Barbara

Married to Greg, the nicest Greek man in the world. No kids - just two hyperactive Maine Coon cats - Griffin and Harper. Independent consultant. News and political junkie. Diehard social progressive. Movie lover. Book reader. Blog writer. Overweight. Underpaid. Open-minded about everything except closed-minded folks. Occasionally witty. Sometimes wise. Always wise-ass.
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10 Responses to Year One and All Is Well

  1. Judi Kopeloff says:

    Congratulations – that is an amazing accomplishment! Be proud of yourself. It’s no easy feat. I know from my own experiences.

    • Barbara says:

      Thanks Judi! I’m pleased with the progress, but try to temper it with a recognition that things are bound to get more challenging as I get closer to my goal. I try to focus on how far I’ve come versus how far I have to go, but it’s tough. How do you maintain momentum? Any suggestions?

      • Judi Kopeloff says:

        I am in the same program as you. I try to take it in small milestones/increments as looking at a big number is far too daunting. I need to recover my health and sense of well being so that keeps me motivated. Think about the fact that if you don’t take the weight off, you are faced with health issues down the road. You are being proactive rather than waiting for the health issues to happen – that should be pretty motivating. Think about the weight loss you have accomplished – you just lost one woman off your back (132+ lbs = a fairly medium sized. okay maybe skinny woman:). You now know you can do it so that should keep you moving forward. You can contact me any time you want some motivation. I am on the same path.

      • Barbara says:

        Good advice. I totally agree about thinking about the small milestones. I think of it in 25 pound chunks (literally – ha ha). So, my goal is to lose 25 pounds per quarter this year. I can wrap my head around that. I’ll reset the goal at year-end depending on how quickly the weight continues to drop. I’m dreading my first plateau, but I know it’s bound to happen. Still, I’m staying positive. hard not to when things are going well. Thanks so much for suggesting I contact you if I need some motivation. If you ever need a boost of support, please feel free to reach out to me, too. BTW, do you mean you’re working with Dr Piotrowski and Ismini, too?

      • Judi Kopeloff says:

        Yes, I am with Dr. P and Ismini, they are terrific. I went in Nov 2011 to an orientation and then started on Dec 22nd. By a fluke I googled and found Dr. P. I was at my wit’s end as to what to do as everything I tried I had failed at in that I regained the weight and then some. It’s great when the scale goes down and down, nothing is more exciting. It’s when it stalls that is good to know you have people on your side. I find exercise a four letter word (though of course it’s not:) so it seems to be my albatross but I am working at it. The funny part is there was no commitment when we put the weight on but it takes huge commitment to get it off and keep it off. I love your blog – your style of writing is quite engaging and very honest. It is nice to know that there is someone out their on a weight loss journey that gets it.

      • Barbara says:

        Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog. It’s cathartic to write about everything, but I feel guilty about not posting as frequently as I’d like. Another good habit to develop…

        It’s very cool that you’re in the same program. I’m glad you like Dr P and Ismini. I agree – they’re wonderful! No one can do the work for you, but it’s great to have such strong resources supporting us. Have you ever been to one of Ismini’s group nutrition presentations?

      • Judi Kopeloff says:

        I have not been to the presentations. When are they? It’s hard for me to get out of work so I go to the early a.m appointments, not sure I could make a presentation but I would like to or at least get it emailed to me. This is the most weight I have had to lose and at the same time the most successful I have been. At first I was ready to eat someone’s arm .. I was that hungry. It did subside and I have definitely been able to curb my carb cravings. I do rely on the protein bars – they are my one treat per day. I just finished logging in my food for tomorrow and so I am going offline – got to get up early.

      • Barbara says:

        The presentations have been scheduled at 5pm (weigh in followed by group presentation). She’s not doing them over the summer, so the next one will be in September. Ismini does a presentation, brings in food for us to try, and shares recipes. I usually walk away with a few nuggets of wisdom and appreciate the recipes. If your work schedule allows, I highly recommend them. She added multiple sessions because they were so popular.

        I hear ya re: the hunger, especially at the beginning. Protein bars are nice pick-me ups. I also love Greek yogurt for protein with a sweet touch. String cheese – something I never really had before this “project” – also gets me through some “I must eat now!” moments. Right now, I’m indulging in a lot of fresh berries (sales galore!) and light whipped cream.

        Good night!

  2. Andrea says:

    Congrats, Barb…I know you’ve reallyworked your butt off (ha!), and you more than deserve all the success you’ve acheived…and even more! Way to go, sister!

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