My Eyes! My Eyes!

5 Weeks and Counting…

SPK continues to plague me. My corneas stubbornly refuse to become “un-irritated”.

It’s very inconvenient. I’m still stuck wearing glasses and have to put eye drops in my ailing peepers every waking hour.

Plus, I really miss my peripheral vision. It helps me avoid falling up or down stairs. Without peripheral vision, my true clutsy-ness is obvious.

Yesterday, I had a follow-up appointment with the eye doc. It was a very brief appointment that went something like this:

  •  Sit down in exam chair
  • Rest chin on the slit lamp machine’s chin-perch
  • Force each eye to stare at a blinding light for a few seconds
  • Cover one eye with a small plastic paddle thing and read the lowest line on the eye chart I can
  • Swap eyes and repeat
  • Move to the tornado-in-a-machine’s torture chair and get startled by a windstorm shot at each eye

Good News!

My eyes improved. At the previous appointment, my left eye rated 3 out of 5 a cornea irritation scale (good to bad). My right eye was a 2. This time, my left eye is a 2 and my right is a 1.

The middle parts of my corneas are clear, but there are still signs of irritation along the edges.

My eye pressure dramatically improved, too. At the 7/15 follow-up appointment, the doctor adjusted my prescription because the steroids in the original one doubled the pressure in my eyes. Now, the pressure’s back to just about where it started – 11 in one eye and 12 in the other. Good news for anyone wanting to avoid glaucoma.

Another Round Pending

We scheduled one more SPK follow-up appointment for August 15th, but – here’s the REALLY good news – we can combine the SPK exam with a full vision exam. FINALLY!

I cannot wait to get the comprehensive exam. It’s long overdue. Remember, I originally went to the eye doctor on July 1 for my full exam, but was waylaid by this dratted SPK.

I want to order new glasses and really need a new supply of contacts. I’m down to my last four pairs of lenses. Closest I’ve ever come to running out.

After my prescription is updated, it always takes a few weeks to receive my new contacts. I must need special lenses – the “she’s so near-sighted that she’s almost blind” kind.

Last time, there was an ordering glitch, so it took about 4-5 weeks to receive the correct pair. I hope to avoid that delay this time around.

Looks like the doc’s original estimate of 6-8 weeks for this to run its course was accurate. Hopefully, I’m on the tail end of my recovery.

So, say “Goodbye” and exit gracefully, SPK!


About Barbara

Married to Greg, the nicest Greek man in the world. No kids - just two hyperactive Maine Coon cats - Griffin and Harper. Independent consultant. News and political junkie. Diehard social progressive. Movie lover. Book reader. Blog writer. Overweight. Underpaid. Open-minded about everything except closed-minded folks. Occasionally witty. Sometimes wise. Always wise-ass.
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2 Responses to My Eyes! My Eyes!

  1. Lynn Koontz says:

    Glad you’re on the mend! At least you can take comfort in the fact that during this period of time you made up for your less than sharp vision with your more than sharp tongue;)

    • Barbara says:

      Well, I inherited my sarcasm gene from my parents; You should feel proud that I’ve mastered a skill we all hold so dear. Besides, practice makes perfect. 😛

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