Et Tu, Anthony?

Dear Anthony,

Social media is NOT a tool to help congressmen swap titillating pictures with strangers.

What’s worse, you weren’t even swapping photos! It appears you were simply sending them, unsolicited, to attractive (I assume) females who posted positive comments about your political activities.

Listen, everyone knows politicians have groupies. However, everyone also knows you’re supposed to hit them up for money, not SEXT them!

Money from groupies gets you re-elected. Sexts with groupies get you…well…sexts with groupies may get you a chance to experience America’s unemployment issue firsthand.

Plus, what is it with all you men who think women want to see your junk? I believe I’m speaking for most women when I say, emphatically, WE DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR NETHER-BITS!

It’s not that we don’t appreciate what your junk can do for us. It’s just that we don’t want or need to see your equipment, especially when we don’t plan to use it or it legally belongs to someone else.

Unsolicited pics of yourself in little to no clothing is not an appropriate response to someone who gave you a virtual high-five for putting Bachmann in her place on Faux news. It would be frightening to receive a crotch shot in reply to a bit of praise posted innocently on your Facebook page.

I’ve been a fan of yours for years and find this episode incredibly disappointing, mainly because this scandal is so unnecessary.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something that changes the way male politicians’ brains function when they run for major offices. Perhaps the common sense portion of their brains are turned off once they start campaigning. All that adoration from strangers at rallies and then votes from people who think they’re literally better than someone else.

Maybe you began to believe your press releases – that you’re something special. A gift to the public! That the rules of social propriety don’t apply to you. Or that you won’t get caught.


Anthony, your reputation and your wikipedia entry have been tainted. Refer to Clinton, Edwards, Schwarzenegger, Lee, Ensign, Spitzer, McGreevey, etc. debacles for info regarding how this usually plays out in the press.

I don’t know if your promising career can be saved. It’s possible. Congressmen have survived worse (see Barney Frank for details).

Ultimately, I hope you pull your life out of the crapper. I definitely don’t condone what you did, but would hate to see your political talent wasted.

Suffer the public humiliation as gracefully as possible, apologize profusely to everyone over and over again, grovel as necessary, then pick yourself up and do your job.


p.s. Outsource all your social media account management to a trusted staff person. You need to cut yourself off cold turkey. No more tweeting for you, young man!

About Barbara

Married to Greg, the nicest Greek man in the world. No kids - just two hyperactive Maine Coon cats - Griffin and Harper. Independent consultant. News and political junkie. Diehard social progressive. Movie lover. Book reader. Blog writer. Overweight. Underpaid. Open-minded about everything except closed-minded folks. Occasionally witty. Sometimes wise. Always wise-ass.
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1 Response to Et Tu, Anthony?

  1. Barbara says:


    I really do think there’s a different kind of ego associated with men who have unusual wealth and power. My theory extends to apply to major athletes, corporate titans, etc. I think some of their success likely comes from their willingness to take risks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every risk they take is a reasonable one. They’re narcissists, because everyone tells them they’re special. Frankly, they often have to believe that to operate in ultra-competitive settings.

    I’m not saying I think it’s right that these men misbehave and there’s no excuse for stupidity. I just see this pattern of behavior and that Americans are fairly inconsistent about how they react to these types of things. Vitter’s re-election is supported by many GOPers and he slept with prostitutes. Ensign was allowed to stay in office until the very last moment when he chose to leave, because he was about to get blasted by the Ethics Committee publicly. They weren’t pushed to resign, but Weiner is for sexting??? IMO, Weinergate is on a totally different scale of bad behavior.

    Let Weiners’ wife decide if she wants to stay with him. Let his constituents decide if they think he’s doing a good job and want him as their representative. The rest of us (including me) are just gossiping about it because we’re incredulous that a public figure could do something so ridiculously dumb in his personal life. Politicians have survived worse scandals and then gone on to redeem themselves.

    If he’s willing to keep his camera away from his crotch, I’m willing to give him a second chance. šŸ˜‰

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