Hello World! It’s Me, Barbara!

Middle age snuck up on me. I don’t know how, but I raced out of my youth into adulthood and entered the back half of my life before I noticed how much time passed.

The truth hit me like a Mack truck on my 45th birthday in March. My next benchmark year is 50.

Really? I’m going to be 50 in five years? WTH!

In my mind, I’m still in my 30’s. What a great decade. (contented sigh)

It’s all very perplexing. Where did those interim years go? My concept of time is so dramatically distorted.

So, with actuarial tables predicting that I have likely lived a little more than half my life already, I’m launching this blog to track my progress on three significant goals I want to meet before I hit my next benchmark birthday – 50 years old in 2016.

I’m focussing on three major issues:

1) HEALTH: Lose 50 pounds per year and maintain cumulative loss (yes, I need to lose A LOT)

2) WEALTH: Prepare and implement a formal retirement plan that ensures financial security.

3) HAPPINESS: Find ways to better enjoy and appreciate my life and the people in it.

My life improvement project starts NOW! Wish me luck!

About Barbara

Married to Greg, the nicest Greek man in the world. No kids - just two hyperactive Maine Coon cats - Griffin and Harper. Independent consultant. News and political junkie. Diehard social progressive. Movie lover. Book reader. Blog writer. Overweight. Underpaid. Open-minded about everything except closed-minded folks. Occasionally witty. Sometimes wise. Always wise-ass.
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2 Responses to Hello World! It’s Me, Barbara!

  1. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading today’s article very much. Checking up on my health is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so I’m more active and healthier. Thanks again for sharing your article.

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